Tuesday, 22 June 2010

My blog experience

In english class, level 3 we have to write, class to class, in a blog. The subjects were chosen by us or sometimes by the teacher.
I've never had got a blog, so this was the chance to crate my first one. I didn`t know what name to put it, so I took my ipod and then I chosed a song. This was "It’s oh so quiet" by Bjork, so for that I put the name. The only difference was that the word “oh” I put it first.To me, to have a blog , has been really funny, because is a way for expresion and it’s also, a new form (for me) to write articules. I have learned a lot of writing here, I’ve fixed grammar mistakes and also I’ve learned new words. Sometimes writing can be difficult and boring, for example when the topic is bored to me. But in general, I can say that bolg has improved my vocabulary in English. Particulary, because when you’re writing you can’t repit the words.That improve in the vocabulary is, to me, the main advantage that the blog gave us. Also, another advantage is to know what our classmates think about different themes. The disadvantage I think that blog has, is just one. That you can’t talk, only write, and I would have liked talk more in class to practice oral exposition.In general, this activity was good to me, because in ours carrers writing will be one of the mains thing to do. Also, in school I had never write so much. I was used to practice more oral tests than writing, so I think that my escriture is much better than the first day os class.So my recommendation to the next level is that we could practice more oral tests.Thank you miss for this oportunity, I enjoy it, and I think that now I know more Enghlish that I did at first.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Chile 2-1 tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

The world cup:

Personally I always liked soccer, I even used to play when I was a childe. Now I’m really intersted in the world cup, because the emotion that you feel when you’re looking a soccer game is really funny.
I think that this world cup is going to be funny, because I like many players…yeaah I also see soccer because of the players.
Tomorrow is my causin’s birthday so I’m going to see the match in my home (I live with her family) taking breakfast with “Dunking Donats”. They are not big fun of soccer, so I’m afraid that they are gonig to talk all the match and I wont listen every coments.

Also tomorrow I have a test, so I think that I will study a lot in the night and I will fall a sleep for a short time, so sadly. But in the moment of the soccer that wont be important, because this is going to be the first soccer match of Chile in the World Cup that I’ve ever seen. So, I hope that the emotion eraser the sleepy of me in the morning.

I think that tomorrow Chile is going to mark 2 goals and maybe Honduras is going to mark, has a maximum, one goal. There’s no posibility that Hondura marks more. And I thnik that the plaayer that is going to be the most importtant to Chile tomorrow are going to be Mago Valdivia and Alexis Sanchez. Obviusly the rest of the team is going to play as better as they’d never played.

To Chile, the fact of being in the World cup, is very important for many reasons. The first one is that soccer is the most popular sport, so many people is going to wath it. Also, the world cuo is the most important cup that a country can play.

I hope that Chile win all the matches!!!! Yeaah!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

I love this picture!

I had never have a favorite picture because photography it’s not my hobby, and I’ve never been interested in photography. But now looking for one I found this one.This picture caught me because many reasons. The first one is the face of the girl, she looks so happy and funny, that makes me want to be in her place.All the armony of the photography induce me to watch it many time, I even want to print it and put it in my room.This picture was taken by Jodi Cobb in 2005, and it’s one of the best one houndred photos of National Geographic.It shows a boy who is wetting a girl with the hosepipe. But the picture is not just that, it’s a mix of colours with the ocean behind, the blue sky, the grass, the blonde hair of the boy.I chosed this picture because of the situation,. I think it’s really nice the action of the boy, wetting the girl in that place, it a situation very genuine.I love the fact that the boy is without clothe and he seems healthy, not like other pictures of boy who are always very skinys and they look unhelthy.Other thing that I noted is the position of the hands of the boy, he is taking the hose with all his power and he looks very concentrated in what he is doing, and on the other hand is the girl who besides being just playing, she is enjoying the moment, maybe because of the hot weather or just for looking at the boy having fun.This picture is to me the way that life should be sometime, relaxed, happy, funny; and living that moment with the people who you love next to you.

PD: please see this pictures I've found

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Bariloche 2010

I remeber the day when my boyfriend ask me if I wanted to go with him and his family to Bariloche. I had never travel with my family, so this was the first oportunity to know another country.
This was on summer of 2009 and in the summer of 2010 they invited me again. This second time was the best. We were in Bariloche, Argentina, for more than a week at the end of February.
The travel started in his house and with his family and we were on a car for 6 hours until to arrived . When we arrived to the hotel in Bariloche my first impression was that the hotel was amazing and the city was ugliest than I thought, it seems that in winter is niceset.
We travel a lot arounf the city and it was surrounded by amazings hills.
What I most like about the city was the food; the meal was excellent and also the wine we tasted. Another thing that I really like about the all trip was the good time I spend in it. To be the last days of the summer with my boyfriend eating great, walking at night, meeting new people was one of the funniest things in the summer.
The people were really nice and happy most of time, so to me it’s true that thing that people said about argentinian people. Another thing that I could check was that the chocolate and the meal were best there. I think I have never eat so many chocolate like I did in that days.

Monday, 31 May 2010

My favorite band: Coldplay :)

One of my favorites band is Coldplay. They are a brittish band who plays since 1997. They started playing has a student band in the university and with time the were becoming famous until now, and they are famous all over the World.
Their first album is “Parachutes” and they did it in 1999. With that album they become really famous, specially with their single called “Yellow”.
But of that CD my favorite song is “Shiver”, maybe for the rithm and the lirics.
The next albums that they did are “A Rush of blood to the head”, “X&Y”, “Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends” and other less famous.
One song that I really like is one that they have with “Buena vista social club”, it’s a latin version of Clocks but with more rithm.
I like this band because I think, that their sound is great and always relax me when I need to.
The first time I heard it I think it was on the TV when I was seek in bed, and since that moment I can’t stop to hear them.
Other thing that I really like on them are the good things that they try to do for th World, like the help they bring to Greenpeace and other foundattions.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The television!

The television.
A television is an electronic thing who has a a screen and controls like volume, channeles, ON/OFF.
I choose the television as my favorite object, because I think that it’s a tool of masive communication. I know sometime the content it’s not the best but it depends of the spectator what kind of things his wonna choose.
Basically the television works with waves who are emited by big antennas of TV and this waves are recived by the antenns of our televisions. Know also exist the Tv for cable, today a lot of people hire companies of cable to have the posibility of watch more things and more channels.The television starts to be a masive way of communications since the late 1930’s.
I don’t have my oun TV but in my home we have two. One is the bedroom of my parents and the other one it’s on the common area. I use the televition to distract myself specially in the night, and I like to watch some movies or series. In time of university I don’t watch a lot of TV, there’s some days that I even don’t watch it. But on vacations, I watch in the morning when I get up or in night when I’m bored but I don’t wanna sleep.I like the television because I entretain myself watching it, I’m not looking for anything else like have knowledge. I just watch it and have a nice moment. If some day I don’t have a TV I’m not going to die, because it’s not fundamental to me.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Beans with reins.
This is a traditional chilean food. It consist in the mix of beans with spaghettis and pumpkins. The name its a metaphor to call the spaghettis as a rein. This name indicated the origin of this food wich is the central area of Chile. Beans has been always a tipical chilean food, but spaghettis were introduced in the XX century when Italians arrived in Chile.
Ingredients: To make this delicious foos you need:
Beans, noodles, bulbs, sausage, cut pumpkins, tomato, garlic gloves, pepper, salt, merken. But also you can put other things that you would like to eat, like fried eggs or meat. It’s not an obligation to follow the instructiones beacuse more or less igridients will not afect to the food.
To make this food you need at least one day because in teh night before you’ll do it you have to soak the beans in a lot fo water. Then, in the morning, you put the beans to boil in also a lot of water, when the water be boling you have to put it in low fire.
Apart, while the beans be boling, you have to mix all the rest of ingredients. In a pan you have to fry the sausage with the bulbs, the tomatos and the salt, pepper and that condiment.When the mis be ready you have to put into the pot with the beansand then colocate the noodles for 10 minutes and it will be ready.
This is not my favorite foob but I like this food because it’s really tasty and it remeber me my childhood.